Dylan Scheid ’22: This summer, I interned for Connecta Corporation. Connectais a small manufacturing company on the north side of Indianapolis that makes precision parts for different manufacturers, such as airplane companies, pharmaceutical companies, etc. Connecta Corporation is led by Alan Pyle, a Wabash alumni and fellow brother of the Phi Kappa Psi fraternity. During my internship, I handled many daily tasks of the business. These tasks ranged from managing overall inventory and stock, construction different tools with specific parts, and assisting in the purchasing process for manufacturing. I also helped prepare for their summer audit. This audit was necessary for their certification to manufacture individual parts throughout the production process. The company later passed this audit certification with a near-perfect record.

Unfortunately, the coronavirus pandemic affected Connecta, just like the thousands of other small businesses across America. The pandemic caused Connecta to furlough half their workforce in early July. During this period, my task was to assist the newly unemployed in their next steps, which included filing for unemployment and filling out their weekly vouchers. However, a more saddening topic, helping with the unemployment process and being introduced to working with the Indianapolis government system was beneficial for my experience. A major lesson I learned/reminded of this summer was the reasons for pushing myself every day and pursuing my education. Although this was a great experience as an introduction to the workplace and experiencing different workplace dilemmas, this would not have been an ideal job for my long term. I feel that this internship reminded me of the true goals I have for myself in life and that my education through Wabash can help me get their as long as I stay committed. This internship reminded me that the Wabash network is a crucial network that can help a fellow Wabash man in a bind and a system that can bring a Wabash man to new heights. I was also reminded of the fantastic work of Roland Morin. In early May, my previous internship at a financial planning firm was canceled due to the pandemic. Within an hour of reaching out to Roland for assisting, he had contacted Mr. Pyle and secured me the internship. I could not have had these experiences without him. I am incredibly grateful to Mr. Morin and Mr. Pyle for all my experiences this summer and the entire Connecta Corporation as a whole.

I look forward to my next challenge.