Jack Davidson ’21 — This summer, I spent my time as an intern at Connecta Corporation in Indianapolis, Indiana. Connecta specializes in crafting small, precision parts. Throughout my eight-week internship at Connecta, I worked specifically in the business department, specializing mainly in logistics. I was tasked with processing shipping and receiving, along with analyzing inventory in order to predict future purchase orders. When working in shipping and receiving, I had to locate parts and make sure they were being shipped on time and to the correct location. Once the parts were located, I would process the shipment on the online system. Also, I worked with clients to ensure we were receiving parts on time in order to keep our production runs on schedule. Additionally, I worked frequently with Rockwell Collins, one of Connecta’s top customers. Throughout my work with Rockwell Collins, I analyzed future shipment quantities in order to assist in bringing shipments back on schedule. Along with this, I downloaded Collins’ shipment spreadsheets, which outlined shipments from June to the following year, and analyzed whether or not we had stock or needed a production run on specific part numbers. This work was instrumental in improving the relationship with Rockwell Collins, as it improved on-time shipments and correct quantities.  Furthermore, I helped create and update an Excel spreadsheet which helped locate part numbers and ensure deliveries were being made on time to our different customers. In my opinion, this was one of the most influential things I did while at Connecta. Essentially, the excel spreadsheet outlined our shipping schedule to our various customers. This allowed each of our future shipments to be located in one place, leading to improved organization and on-time shipments. Further, the spreadsheet also allowed us to track where parts were in the production process. So when customers asked where a specific part number was, we were easily able to relay that information.

Overall, my eight-week internship at Connecta Corporation provided me a great opportunity. I believe this helped me grow significantly as an employee in the workplace. I acquired various new skills and sharpened other skills that will greatly help me in the future. I would like to thank Wabash alum Alan Pyle for giving me the opportunity to intern at Connecta. Additionally, I want to thank the Small Business Internship Fund at Wabash for funding this internship. Without the help of the Small Business Internship Fund, this life-changing experience would not have been possible!