Lukios Stefan ’21 — Stanton Chase ranks among the top executive search firms in the world and consistently places C-suite level executives at global corporations and firms. The Stanton Chase team in Washington D.C. excels in offering recruiting services across various sectors and promises both expediency and excellence in presenting qualified, interested, and prepared candidates to their clients. Mr. Jeffrey

Brent Strahla ’21 (left), Jeff Perkins ’89 (center), Lukios Stefan ’21 (right)

Perkins, the Wabash alumnus at Stanton Chase, serves as the managing director of the team in D.C. This summer, he graciously selected me as one of two interns to participate in the rigorous gauntlet of corporate recruiting.

As a research associate intern, Jeff and the director, Charles, entrusted me with various responsibilities for their thirteen active accounts. Executive recruiting follows a diligent process of sourcing, screening, and presenting candidates. First, the client outlines the general criteria for the role. The Stanton Chase team follows with a drafted job specification which clearly delineates the responsibilities and expectations of the position. Next, applicants are located through market intelligence resources and screened by the leaders of the account, who then compile slates of candidates for the clients to review. Formal interviews then proceed to evaluate their strength and viability for an offer. At each step, the Stanton Chase team overcomes a diversity of internal obstacles while mediating concerns from both the client and candidates.

In addition to the research associate position, I served briefly as the interim executive assistant for Mr. Perkins. The initial occupation of the role was daunting and constantly challenged my ability to efficiently manage unfamiliar responsibilities. The most important task for the executive assistant was scheduling for Mr. Perkins and the DC office. Clients and candidates consistently requested time and resources from our team and trusted me to handle their business with confidentiality and care. Despite the challenges of the position, tracing and documenting the progress of each search offered a visible reward for my work.

Overall, the experience at Stanton Chase accentuated two essential skills for success. First, the ability to communicate with clarity and brevity eliminates confusion. Details define the perception of your work, and the omission of it damages your reputation and credibility. Second, the desire to learn unlocks opportunities. Passion thrills employers and they will readily entrust curious workers with responsibility. In conclusion, executive recruiting at Stanton Chase taught both a professional trade and the skills for navigating life. I am grateful for both the Small Business Internship and Mr. Jeff Perkins for enriching my personal and professional development beyond the classroom experience.