Tyler Ramsey ’21

Tyler Ramsey ’21 — As my sophomore year neared its end, I had little time to find a summer internship that would make or break my next two years at Wabash. I knew I had a passion for computers, and I was dedicated to taking the IT route, I just could not find the right fit. As time ticked, I encountered Shane Fimbel, CEO of Trek10, located in South Bend, Indiana. Dr. Fimbel offered a summer intern position at Trek10, and it would not have been possible without the generosity of the Small Business Internship Fund and the CIBE for helping me secure it. The experience I had at Trek10 was nothing but life-changing.

The opportunity to work for Trek10 not only allowed me to expand my knowledge within the tech field but also gave me a route to take for my next two years at Wabash. I have a couple of experiences I would like to share from my summer internship with Trek10. The first experience I would like to share is obtaining my AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner certification. On the first day of my internship, Dr. Fimbel explained the significance of technical expertise of the cloud, since Trek10 is a company that is solely focused on cloud computing. Trek10 gave me every resource possible in order to feel comfortable and confident with Amazon Web Service tools and its features. As an AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner, I have a general knowledge of AWS tools and resources in addition to a strong understanding of different pricing models for a client who is looking to switch their company over to AWS. I believe that this certification opened more doors for me in the upcoming year or two as I finish my time here at Wabash.

Although I’ve had much more experience with the tech side of things, I also had the opportunity to gain experience in the research and development side. I was tasked with finishing an ongoing research paper that Trek10 plans on publishing in the near future. I created a digital database that pulled in a select few of researchers who produced papers about serverless computing. The database I gathered not only allowed me to produce various graphs, but it also allowed me to construct the relationships between the researchers in the database. In order to connect the authors through their work, I used a network analysis tool software called Gephi that produced a large visual representation of the connections. The graph takes a lot of trial and error, but once I applied the ideal filters for our results, I was able to show how connected each author was and whether or not they were put in a certain group (community). The research paper was a great learning experience because it gave me exposure to conducting proper research and how to write a research paper properly.

All of this would not have been possible if it weren’t for the CIBE for helping me secure my internship and the Small Business Internship Fund for funding my summer internship.