Witczak ’21 Making “Freshmen 15” Cool Again

John Witczak ’21 — Before I begin, I would like to thank the college for funding my summer internship and providing me with the opportunity to gain such a valuable experience. When I stepped into Arnold House to begin my first day of work as a Career Services Special Projects Intern, I wasn’t sure what to expect. I knew I’d be collaborating with three of my peers on both long and short-term projects, and I knew I’d be trained in the art of résumé crafting, but I didn’t know any specifics or what my day-to-day work life would look like. Luckily for me, this internship has already proven to be a fantastic learning experience during which I have been able to practice presenting ideas and projects to my superiors while working closely with my peers to complete proposals and meet deadlines. Additionally, I have been trained not only in résumé crafting but in LEAN and A3 Problem-Solving techniques that have already improved my ability to work through the complexities and speed bumps encountered in the workday.

John Witczak ’21

The major project my co-workers and I are working on right now is the “Freshman Fifteen,” an annual program designed to integrate incoming freshman with Career Services within their first fifteen days on campus. Currently, we are drawing up the program’s theme, event schedule, social media campaign, and its t-shirt and flyer design, while working with and gaining the approval of our supervisors, Cassie Hagan and Roland Morin. Knowing that our work will have a direct impact on the incoming freshman and their future in the professional world is somewhat daunting, as is living up to the success of past Freshman Fifteen programs, but running projects like these, with real-world implications, is exactly what drew me to this internship and what I expect will prove to be highly valuable experience when I leave Wabash and enter the professional world.

The second project I am working on pertains to smoothing the transition of Wabash Works from a Simplicity powered site to a Handshake powered site. As you may or may not know, Wabash Works is the online home of the college’s Career Services, where employers and qualified students can find each other. Wabash students have been obtaining careers and internships through Wabash Works for years. Helping the current and future students of Wabash transition to a newer, better version of the revered service is something that I derive great satisfaction from.

While the internship has only just begun, and I still have a long and work-filled summer to look forward to, I feel that I have already had a full and worthwhile experience. I am excited to see how our plans for the Freshman Fifteen program work out, and I eagerly anticipate helping the class of ’23 bolster and polish their résumés.

Again, I’d like to thank the college for providing me with this fantastic opportunity, and I would also like to give a quick shout out to my three co-interns, Isiah, Jake, and Kessler.