This summer I had the incredible opportunity to do a paid internship with the Adorant Group. Through the help of the Center for Innovation, Business, and Entrepreneurship (CIBE) I was given the opportunity of first working with the Adorant Group on a Professional Immersion Experience or better known as a PIE trip. On this trip I was soon introduced to Brian Mantel, the Chief Executive Officer of the Adorant Group and an alumnus of Wabash College. Then I was tasked with a variety of different projects for my two-day externship. After this externship ended, I walked away with a multitude of skills and a great alumni connection. Later that spring, Brian Mantel contacted my supervisor and asked if I was available after I concluded the Liberal Arts Bridges to Business program (LABB Program). After my LABB internship concluded I soon started my internship with the Adorant Group. I was interning as a Business Analyst. My role was to design ten sales training modules for young financial advisors. During this internship I also had the opportunity to learn how to use a content management system, create Json files (Java Script files), learned how to use Amazon’s S3 platform, and had the opportunity to see my work go straight into production by the end of my six-week internship. By creating fourteen new Json files and the ten sales training modules I had the opportunity to be immersed in an environment which I had no background or prior experience in. Going forward from this internship I walk away with newly acquired skills in sales and technology. These skills are very valuable in our ever-changing world and economy. I would like to give a special thanks to the Adorant Group, Brian Mantel, the CIBE, and Wabash College for these incredible opportunities. I cannot wait to see what other opportunities are around the corner as I approach my sophomore year.