Ifrat Zaman ’20 The Coaching Toolbox LLC – This summer, I virtually interned with The Coaching Toolbox LLC. The Coaching Toolbox LLC is a company that provides the highest quality resources for high school and college coaches to improve their programs. This troubled me at first because I was not a sports-person, but upon starting my internship, I quickly learned that my work was solely based on digital marketing, something that I was familiar with as I was a participant of the Marketing Immersion Program. From the very first day, I was working alongside the founder and president of the company, who is a Wabash graduate. I learned various technical skills necessary to operate websites. These were online tools that analyzed the traffic of the website, tools to create web pages, and SEO tools to optimize the website’s incoming traffic. The best part of my internship was that I was given ample opportunities to apply my newfound knowledge of these tools by applying them to existing websites. By the end of the first week, I was working on increasing the traffic to the website, which increased by over 300% by the end of my internship. I also worked on optimizing the website using SEO tools and created user-friendly sales pages for the company’s e-commerce site. Besides working on improving the company, I also participated in the daily operations, like scheduling emails, social media posts, push notifications, etc. Besides the technical skills, I also learned to manage my time efficiently because I had to meet deadlines for the daily operations, while also working on longer projects like creating a sales page. This taught me how to prioritize when working on several tasks at the same time. I also had to learn to multitask, and I usually found myself working on two tasks side by side. I believe these were my greatest takeaway from the internship as I would be using these abilities in various stages of my life. The internship was a great experience. Working alongside the President and DirectorofSalesof the company allowed me to get a glimpse of the several aspects that mold together to operate an “online” business. The work was divided among the three of us and we even bounced off ideas to improve the company. I definitely felt that my ideas were heard and executed. Overall, it was an amazing exposure to the vast world of digital marketing. Thank you very much to Mr. Brian Williams (president), Mr. Kevin Roy (Director of Sales), Mr. Roland Morin, Ms. Julia Perry, and Ms. Cassie Haganfor providing me with this opportunity. Check out The Coaching Toolbox website here:https://coachingtoolbox.net