Sovann Kho ’19 Active International – This summer I am working as a finance Intern at a corporate trade company called Active International. I find this internship to be very useful because I get a chance to tap into the finance field, learn how a cooperage company works, and help Active “rebrand” their business. At my spare time, I also volunteer as Active representative at certain concert, to get a free concert ticket.

At Active, I learn what I need to learn to be successful in a finance career. There are many sections in a finance department, and currently I am working in the account payable. I understand how money flow between active and their clients by monitoring invoices and statements in an account payable system. Along the way, I discover that I want to dig deeper into the investment side of a company. Therefore, I would to learn more about the financial market.

In addition, I also learn how a corporate company generates profit from the media. It is probably the most exciting part of my internship. I love entertaining industry and learning how to generate profit from the media is very fascinating to me. For instance, each week I got presentations from leaders such as CEO or executive leaders about Active business. I learn that Active is more than just a barter company. Active would buy the excess product from clients and create profit in a complex model using media credit. In short, Active sell media such as BBC, NBC, and local radio and TV for clients to advertise their business. This experience became one of the most exciting parts of my internship experience.

I also learn how to collaborate with teams, how to market a product, and present ideas in a professional setting by helping “rebranding” Active International. For instance, I am working with several other interns to present company new taglines, website, and come up with new potential customers that might be interested with Active to Active’s leaders. Working with other interns teach me how to work in a team, allows me to apply some of my marketing skills I learned from Wabash college to create a new brand for Active, and learn how to present myself in a professional meeting. Although interns struggle to come up with new branding image for Active, I found it to be a very rewarding experience.

Finally, at my spare time I volunteer as a representative of Active International. For instance, I represent Active at a concert event that Active sponsored. I find it to be fun because I am able to get free concert tickets. I also learn how to represent Active by talking to new people about what Active does. through this volunteering program, I am able to enrich my communication skills.

I learn a lot from Active international. Beside my focus on finance, I also get a chance to learn how a media company works, learn about branding, working in a team, and be a preventative of others. Thank you, Wabash, and Active international for these enriching experiences.