Justin Kopp ’21 LABB InternIt was Monday, July 2ndas my business plan group walked over to the MXI at 8 AM to meet before the start of the day. It was about 24 hours until, “Pronto,” my business group of Darian Phillips, Matthew Fajt, Ben Leander, Don Schuch, Nick Winter, and myself had to present downtown at Salesforce our app that allowed the gig economy to pick up short, quick jobs and make cash. While my group and I had been working diligently over the course of the summer, it was time to kick it into gear, as we were not prepared to present the final product. Once we got to the classroom, Roland briefed the groups that it was go time and we would all present that afternoon to him, Alejandro, and Arlen. This put even more pressure on the group, as we had to have a coherent slide show and presentation to run through within the next six hours. My group rushed upstairs to our meeting room and immediately began writing tasks on the white board then signing our names next to the tasks we planned on creating. After many hours of hard work and working through lunch, we had developed a presentation that was presentable enough to present to a small group, but had a long way to go, as Roland let us know about five words into the presentation. After the presentation, Roland, Alejandro, and Arlen provided with about two pages worth of advice and changes that needed to be made before our final presentation. We ran back up to our meeting room and wrote down all the new tasks on the white board then signed our names by which ones we could do. The group worked until 5 PM, took a three hour, and a much needed, break, before meeting again at 8 PM to make the finishing touches and run through the presentation a couple times before getting some rest. Around 10 PM we decided we should meet at 7 AM the next day to run through just a couple more times. We woke up early, presented a few times for practice, and then went to Salesforce. Before the presentation we found out we had to condense our presentation to fifteen minutes, which we did rather successfully and did a good job. All in all, it was a great experience and we had a lot of fun and learned a lot.