Malcolm Lang ’21 Choice Wellness Company – For the past few weeks of the summer, I’ve been working with the Choice Wellness Company that is stationed in the city of Chicago. My job as an intern is to market the company’s health and wellness strategies. Our job, as a company, is to improve the wellbeing of the employees in their workplace. This could be done at health fairs, company conferences, or at regular social events. We’re currently looking for the right partnership with another corporation to implement the wellness program we have as a company.

Along with learning what the wellness program encompasses, I also learned how to market a brand and engage with people from all different backgrounds. I have spoken with and emailed various owners of companies in Crawfordsville and Chicago. I was also tasked with making monthly newsletters that not only markets our company but also provide tips of safety for employees in their workplace. This includes tips on flex scheduling, what it means to live a healthy and balance life, and awareness on health problems that affect people on a daily basis. Each month, we put together a newsletter surrounding serious health topics.  As a company, we have covered Men’s Health Awareness in June, Skin Cancer Awareness month for the month of July, and we are currently looking for other health problems to cover the fall. We try to place a huge spotlight on health problems that are either overlooked, or even unknown.

This past Monday, the CEO of the company and I had a chance to meet up with a lawyer to discuss the legal obligations as a company. As I took notes, I learned about what it meant to be an LLC, the idea of double taxation, equity interest, distribution, and the importance of waivers as a company. We also just had a health conference in downtown Chicago to stress the importance of proper eating and dieting. Each week, we try to promote healthy eating tips for everyone to follow. Our next big project is in Dolton, IL. We are going to a conference to cover the major health risks of senior citizens.