Thomas Kenney ’20 LABB – For Week 6, the Liberal Arts Bridges to Business interns spent most of their time perfecting the run-throughs of the consulting and business projects for the final presentations. My current business project is an application for Wabash College. It would work for prospective students, alumni, and current students. We believe that it may create a better overall experience for Wabash and its Little Giants, as well as increase revenue.

My consulting project consists of researching potential allocations of Student Senate funds and speaking with the proper authorities regarding the legitimacy of our options. While most of Monday consisted of tons of preparation, the night was great for our potential business plan. We spoke on the phone with an alumnus and received his praise, guidance, and support for the hopeful launching of our app. After speaking with him, we had a better vision and plan for how to truly bring our app to creation. On Tuesday, we prepared for our practice pitch due Wednesday by running through our slideshow. Wednesday was actual practice. We rehearsed our business presentations in front of Roland Morin.  We received a lot of helpful, constructive criticism. Nonetheless, our presentation was very effective and visually appealing. We even gave Mr. Morin an iPad with our app on it. As you can see in the picture, Earnest is using the barebones of our Little Giant App (that same picture is in our presentation). After we presented, the rest of our Wednesdays consisted of additional research into our consulting projects. We tried our best to perfect them and make them as presentable as possible. Duncan, Drew, and I had worked on a survey for the student body a few weeks ago, and we implemented our numbers and results into our presentation.

On Thursday, the consulting projects were presented to Dr. Drury, Mr. Morin, Dean Jones, Jack Kellerman, and Logan Kleiman. I volunteered to help present my app along with Joey, Ben, and Max. The presentation was about 20 minutes with 25 minutes of questions. We talked about the numbers, the options for the future, and our final suggestions. I thoroughly enjoyed presenting and showing off our hard work. When Friday came around, we spent a few hours finalizing our slideshow, handouts, and application for our big presentation in Chicago the following week. Overall, I am very thankful for the experience and I am very excited for what is to come.