White ’19 LABB Week 1 Starts Fast

Logan White ’19 LABB 2016-As a freshman at Wabash it did not take me long to realize that this institution was going to provide me with opportunities beyond imagination. This is possible because of many different people and organizations associated with the college. To start I would like to thank the Lilly endowment for making this internship possible. They are very gracious and I do not want them to think even for a second that we at Wabash do not appreciate them. They are giving us opportunities that we never thought would be possible. In return we plan to continue to make Indiana thrive as a state. Second, I would like to thank Roland Morin. Roland is both the instructor of the LABB (Liberal Arts Bridges to Business) Internship and the director of the CIBE (Center for Innovations, Business, and Entrepreneurship).

The first week we hit it hard. We gave three presentations in one week. While three presentations is not too rigorous, you have to think about other factors. Along with the presentations we had a financial bootcamp. Income statements, Balance Sheets, Cash Flow Statement, and eight Harvard Business School Case studies. All in week one.

The financial boot camp was headed by Valerie Griffin. She was an extremely competent instructor receiving her MBA from the Kellogg School of Management at Northwestern. She provided us with knowledge and tools for understanding and utilizing different financial records. These skills will be used throughout the rest of all of our lives. I am very grateful for these teaching because I now further understand what it takes to successfully analyze financial records for future business ventures, investments, and other financial decisions. This boot camp was just another stepping stone towards my goal of being a successful entrepreneur.

Logan White Photo Final

Logan White ’19 presents for LABB 2016

With one week in the books, I am excited for what is to come. With all of the knowledge I have already acquired, I know that this internship will continue to propel me toward my future goal of being a successful entrepreneur.