Ashton Faramelli ’17 Herff Jones-First, I’d like to start off by thanking the Lilly Endowment. Without their help and support I do not think that I would have had an internship this summer. It was rough with applications and finding an internship in which my computer science experience as well as location would fit within a company’s standards as well as my standards. So I sincerely thank everyone who works at Eli Lilly for their hard work and for the generosity of their company to give back to our wonderful school and to our students.

Working for Herff Jones has been a roller coaster. With its many ups and downs throughout the internship of extremely busy days to calmer ones, it has always been surprising no matter what day it was. I worked as a market analyst/ product manager intern and had the opportunity to experience many different areas within the company during a major platform change to all of their websites. This was an absolutely ideal time for an internship as I sat in on many meetings in regards to the future of many sites, analytic dashboards, and even the company. I was involved in a lot of user experience projects. My first assignments were to create surveys and have participants go through interviews to find out exactly what customers want with our sites. I also had the opportunity to help with a project pack for a new analytic dashboard in which I gathered key analytic data for, as well as built, a prototype website within PowerPoint and used my findings to help lead some discussions and meetings. Furthermore, I worked with many project and product managers so as to acclimate myself to their job lifestyles and learn from their experiences and gain new insights on opportunities. Going along with this experience, I came up with an idea and the Director of Product Managers had me work on my own project pack and specific steps of research as an exercise into product management. This helped further expand my knowledge within the field and is helping me realize that this is a profession I’m very interested in continuing throughout my career. Again I can’t thank the Lilly Endowment enough for what they have given back to our community and allowed me to do in furthering a profession that I thoroughly enjoy.