ChevSean Intern Photo
Sean McGrath posing next to some of the Triton brew-masters.

Heading towards my final year as a student at Wabash College, I could not think of another internship I would have preferred to work for than with the Triton Brewing Company. I learned valuable lessons inside and outside of the Microbrewery this summer, and I especially want to thank the Eli Lilly Endowment Fund for me to receive this incredible internship opportunity. The advantage of this internship was on a rotated schedule to be capable of learning every single aspect of their business.

David Waldman, Wabash Alum and founder of Triton, always told me that this internship is unique and special in comparison to other internships provided through Wabash. My first two weeks I learned how to make Triton’s beer by being a part of the “brew crew” where we would be working before the sun rose in the morning to produce some of the best ale in the Indianapolis area. The following two weeks, I spent inside the tasting room being a licensed server for Triton. I found this to be very beneficial for me because I learned so much about the beer, needing to be able to describe the beers to customers; also, because my family owns a bar and restaurant in Chicago, I learned important managerial and served tactics in case I was ever to manage the restaurant. The next two weeks I spent on this internship was with the sales and marketing team and followed along on their daily stops to bars, restaurants and liquor stores in hopes to sell more of our product; as well as check-up on our current products being held at locations. Following two weeks of sales, I spent the next few weeks in the Operations office and learned accounting and organizational skills. Throughout the entire internship, I did many various events that included working beer festivals such as one hosted by the Indy Eleven Soccer Club and the Indiana Microbrewers Fest. I also hosted my sampling event at Kahn’s Liquor store this summer that I felt privileged to be the one representative of the company present.

Being from Chicago, living on my own with limited friends and no family around was a great learning experience. I can honestly say that this summer was important towards my preparation of living on my own permanently once I am finished with school. Along with all of the great experiences I had with Triton this summer, I also found some time to accomplish other things such as completing the LSAT test, meeting new friends, planned weekend trips to Nashville, TN and Chicago, and grew a relationship with my parents and Triton with hopes to have our bar serve Triton beers once they’re approved to self-distribute in Chicago. This summer also brought some hardships including myself and fraternity brother being kicked out of our living area for the last two weeks of our internships. I had nowhere to stay, but fortunately I work with great people here at Triton that set myself up for a place to live for the final weeks of the summer. I am very thankful for David Waldman and the rest of the Triton Brewing Company staff; this experience shows that they cared for me as more than just an employee, they sincerely cared for me inside and outside of the brewery. Although I’m uncertain whether I want to work in the microbrewery business in the future, this internship was still beneficial for me learning how to manage and maintain a small business. Also, learning more about the beer we drink has been so influential, the days of drinking Busch Light are long gone for me …I also feel obligated to teach friends of mine to try craft beer and realize there are a lot better options besides Miller, Budweiser, and Coors to drink. I can proudly say that it has been an honor to be a part of the Triton team and helping them expand their successes to new regions of the Midwest.