Frye ’16

For the final week of the program, we met in our groups to finalize our business plans and presentations for the apps that we have been working on.  My group was working on the Cardbazaar app.  The Cardbazaar is an app that could be used to buy, sell, or trade unwanted to gift cards with people across the nation.  Our group and the other groups had been working on our different apps for several weeks now, so we already had most of the information that we needed.  We were just meeting to fine tune all of the information that we had gathered and fill in the loose holes to our environmental analysis, marketing strategies, and our financial overviews that we had already written.

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All the Phi Psis in the LABB program pose for a dapper photo

After all of the information was gathered we were able to make our PowerPoint to use for the presentation. To make our presentation even better some of the group members were able to make the format of the application and add in features that would make it simple to use.  Once this was all put together, we then began the process of rehearsing the presentation.  I could not tell you how many times that we ran through the whole thing, but I can tell you that it all payed off during the actual presentation.  Our group ended up tying for second place out of all of the presentations. The next day after the presentations was the wrap-up session.  Here we discussed options that we could do to improve the program in the future by adding or taking away certain aspects of the program.  We then turned in our iPads, which was a shame considering that they had been extremely useful throughout the summer.  Of course, after this was over we all delivered our goodbyes to each other and we all went our separate ways.  I had a blast this summer being an intern for the LABB program.  I was able to learn so much information in such a short time and would recommend this program to everyone for next summer.