Ryne Ruddock Summer Internship 2014Ryne Ruddock ’16- May 19 marked the start of a new experience for me both as a student, and as a person. Monday, May 19, I started my first day at my internship generously provided by the Lilly Endowment. The Herald Bulletin, located in downtown Anderson, IN, brought me in and has worked with me each and every day of the week, molding me and picking my brain, in an effort to better develop my journalism.

Scott Miley, my direct supervisor and features editor for the Herald Bulletin, has sat down and gone over my work, emphasizing both my strengths and weaknesses. I have covered a variety of stories, from simple things like talking to race fans to get their experience of short-track racing, to more complex, detailed work, such as working on a three-part series for Anderson’s downtown project.

Each day has presented a new challenge, whether it be rushing to cover a developing story, or looking back through old articles while reporting a new ‘twist’ to a story. Going out to cover the sites and action has been a new experience too.

I have had an opportunity to speak with some important, generous, and sincere people while working here. I got an opportunity to speak with a Christian organization that helps ex-cons find work and rehabilitate themselves. That experience alone made an enormous impact on me. Seeing these men, some not much older than me, who had made a mistake and served time for it, coming together and trying to return to the path of righteousness was amazing.

I have also had the privilege of covering some major stories, such as a D-Day tribute (June 6) when I got to speak with a living veteran who was a part of the attack on Omaha Beach that day in Normandy, France. Mr. Mehling, the veteran I spoke with, was a kind-hearted, sweet man who thoroughly enjoyed speaking with me about his experience.

I have not always had a feature story to write, but working on various stories, the time constraints, I have to complete the stories, and the people I have had the opportunity to meet along the way have truly helped make this a great experience. This internship has been such a blessing and I am thankful for Lilly Endowment and Herald Bulletin for making this possible.