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We’d encourage you to view the videos below about the role academics, campus and community involvement, athletics, and social activities contribute to your overall Sigma Chi experience at Wabash College.

Academics & Campus Involvement
Sports & Social Activity
The Chapter House

Rush Chairmen:

Casey Crozier, Class of 2022
Major: Rhetoric/Minor: Education Studies
Sigma Chi Involvement: Rush Chair, Social Chair & Brotherhood Chair
Campus Involvement: Football, Young Americans for Freedom, Cooking Club, Boxing Club
Why Choose Sigma Chi: “Surrounding yourself with successful people is a major key to finding your own success. Sigma Chi is made of guys who know how to get after it in all aspects of life. Whether it’s school, sports, or clubs, Sigma Chi’s are often in leadership roles because of the work ethic we pride ourselves on.”
Favorite Sigma Chi Memory: “My favorite Sigma Chi and Wabash memory is winning Chapel Sing freshmen year. It’s one of the greatest feelings I’ve ever experienced. We work so hard to win each and every year and when we accomplish that goal it’s just so fulfilling, especially when you know the rest of your pledge brothers are experiencing the same thing. Winning chapel sing is being able to say that, as a collective group, you were the best at knowing the school fight song on all of campus for that whole year.”
Jeremiah Eaton, Class of 2022
Major: PPE/Minor: Economics
Sigma Chi Involvement: Rush Chair, Philanthropy Chair, Historian
Campus Involvement: Barstool Bash Viceroy, Experienced Ambassador/Tour Guide, Peer Career Adviser at Career Services, Sphinx Club, President and Founder of Wabash Think Tank, Lacrosse, Student Athlete Advisory Committee, Athletics Diversity and Inclusion Committee, Pre-Law Society, National Society of Leadership and Success
Why Choose Sigma Chi: “The brothers of Sigma Chi act as an extremely strong support system for each other and emphasize accountability for your actions and the actions of other brothers, as any poor choices by one person are a reflection on the house as a whole. Sigma Chi prides itself on initiative to become leaders on campus, encouraging our brothers to go out and grab any opportunities that come their way and not waiting for it to come to you. We also have very diverse students, both academically and culturally, who are some of the most down-to-Earth, respectful guys. I made the right decision in choosing Sigma Chi.”
Favorite Sigma Chi Memory: “My favorite memory of Sigma Chi, while I have many, would have to be our 80s party my freshman year, mostly because I was the DJ for most of the night and it’s a great feeling when you play a song that everyone loves and they all start singing/dancing along.”
Thomas (Tommy) Hansen, Class of 2023
Major: Rhetoric/ Minor: Business
Sigma Chi Involvement: Rush Chair
Campus Involvement: CIBE, Newman Catholic Center President, Student Life Committee, S.A.A.C. Committee, Investment Club, Baseball
Why Choose Sigma Chi: “I chose Sigma Chi because I knew of a few guys who were previously in the house from Indianapolis. I knew they were a good group of guys, so I decided to rush Sigma Chi. The first time I visited the house, I knew it was the place for me. All the brothers in the house were very nice and you can tell there was a special bond between all the brothers.”
Favorite Sigma Chi Memory: “My favorite Sigma Chi memory was when we built a slip-in-slide in our front yard one Saturday. It was just a random, quiet Saturday with nothing going on, so all the brothers decided to make a huge slip-in-slide. We ended up all hanging in the front yard the whole day hanging out, sliding down the slip-in-slide, and playing football.”

What is Rush?

“Rushing” is the process where incoming students (at Wabash they are normally high school seniors at Admitted Students Weekend or first semester freshmen, but can be any grade), can visit all of the fraternity houses on campus, talk with brothers, hang out and play games, and see what houses they like the most and where they think their best fit would be. If the rush chairs or the President think you would be a good fit for their fraternity, they will find you and offer you a formal “bid”. A bid is simply an invitation for you to pledge to join the fraternity. You can accept, hold for x amount of days/weeks, or decline. If you accept, you will join that fraternity as a pledge to the fraternity, and will eventually undergo “pledgeship”, which is the process for pledges to become full brothers. Rushing typically starts on Scarlet Honors weekend in the fall semester, but due to COVID-19 restrictions, we had to adapt. We now know that there will be 2 admitted students weekends for incoming freshmen to visit fraternities. Contact our college admissions department for more information surrounding these admitted students weekends, and when you come, check out sigma chi!

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