Notable Wabash Sigs:
W. Parrish Fuller ´15- Significant Sig and donated the Arboretum
Dr. Ray Ehrensberger ´29- Significant Sig
Galan Dutch Freise ’48 – Significant Sig
Dr. Paul R. Honan, MD ’43- Significant Sig
William Thompson ’48- Significant Sig
Tom Florsheim ’53 – Floesheim shoes
Rem Johnston ’55 – Long time athletic booster
Barney Hollet ´37- Trustee and stadium named in his honor
Fran Hollett ´85- Honorary alumnus
Fred Ruebeck ’61 – Trustee
Tom Emmick ’62  -Trustee
Tim Werbe ’65 – Wabash Hall of Fame (Basketball)
Peter Kennedy ’68 – Trustee
Fred Wilson ’69 – Trustee
Mark Dewart ´74- Previous President of the National Association of Wabash Men
Chris Denari ’83 – Voice of the Pacers and Fever
Rev. John Olmer ’84 – Local minister
Mike Rapierv ´87 – Owner of Liberty Paper Products LLC
Todd Rokita ’92 – Former U.S. Representative, Indiana Attorney General
John Haug ’00 – VP and CFO, Eli Lilly

Famous Sigs

Bill Buckner, USC 1972.  MLB
Drew Brees, Purdue 2001.  NFL
Bob Griese, Purdue 1967.  NFL
Jay Wright, Bucknell 1983.  Head coach at Villanova (NCAAB)
Mike Ditka, Pittsburgh 1961.  NFL
Urban Meyer, Cincinnati 1986.  Head coach at Ohio State (NCCAF)
Billy Packer, Wake Forest 1962.  CBS Sportscaster

Grover Cleveland, U.S. President
Barry Goldwater, Arizona 1932. U.S. Senator, AZ
Lamar Alexander, Vanderbilt 1962. Governor of TN
Jon Huntsman, Jr., Utah 1983. Governor of UT

Luke Bryan, Georgia Southern 1999. Country Singer George Ade, Purdue 1887. American writer and columnist
Warren Beatty, Northwestern 1959. Actor
Woody Harrelson, Hanover 1983. Actor
David Letterman, Ball State 1969. Television host
Brad Pitt, Missouri 1986. Actor
Tom Selleck, USC 1967. Actor
John Wayne, USC 1929. Actor

Jim Caviezel, University of Washington 1990. Actor (Jesus was a Sigma Chi!)

Kenneth “Bud” Adams, Kansas 1944. Owner of Tennessee Titans (NFL)
Jon Huntsman, Sr., Penn 1959. Founder, Huntsman Corp.
J. Willard Marriott, Jr., Utah State 1954. President of Marriott International
Bob McNair, South Carolina 1958. Owner of Houston Texans