Publishing is the academic currency of the scientific world and increasingly important for grad school applications, and Associate Professor of Biology Heidi Walsh’s student got an infusion of career building capital when they co-published with her in thejournal Molecular and Cellular Endocrinology.

Co-authors of Obesity-related cellular stressors regulate gonadotropin releasing hormone gene expression via c-Fos/AP-1are:  Noah J. Levi ’17, Christopher W. Wilson ’19, Graham A.J. Redweik ’16, Nathan W. Gray ’20, Cody W. Grzybowski ’18, Joseph A. Lenkey ’19, Anthony W. Moseman ’18, Alec D. Bertsch ’18, Nhien Dao ’18, Heidi E. Walsh.

In photo: Nathan Gray, Joey Lenkey, Lucas Soliday ’19, Christopher Wilson,and Professor Heidi Walsh.