Whether he’s dangling from a harness or wading through a flooded miniature movie set, Louis Sinn ’19 is driven to create. He wants to offer the same opportunities to others.

Louis Sinn ’19 fell in love with movies when he was a little kid. He got it from his dad. To this day the two of them can talk about film for hours.

In middle school, Sinn discovered joy in the theater and began acting in musicals and plays. That lasted throughout his high-school career.

At Wabash he is taking his passion for productions behind the action.

“I can never be grateful enough for the opportunities I have been given, but that’s why I want to become a producer,” Sinn says. “I want to give those same opportunities to deserving artists.”

A theater major with minors in film and economics, Sinn hopes to work at a film production company after graduation.

“What will set me apart from others is the wholeness of my education,” he says. “All fields of study intertwine, and there is a joy in sharing and attaining knowledge if we strive hard enough to learn.”

This summer, Sinn interned with BKT Assistant Professor of Art Damon Mohl as part of the Digital Arts and Human Values Initiative. On any given day Sinn could be found in the Fine Arts Center dangling from a harness in front of a green screen or searching through a dark, homemade, flooded box as Mohl followed him and captured the shot he wanted.

“Professor Mohl is a genius filmmaker. He gave me a lot of insight into the psychology of teaching art and guiding students toward artistic discovery.

“The advancement of life demands change, creativity, fear, and mistakes. Your original idea and reality will likely not align. This change can result in something new and exciting, something frightening and unknown, or something unwanted.

“There is art in everything we do.”
—Christina Egbert