The Big Question: David Montieth ’67

How do you take care of yourself physically, mentally, spiritually, and emotionally?

Just before I turned 60 I began high jumping again.

I had not taken a single jump since my last Wabash track meet 38 years earlier. I was shocked to find my jumps were about 1½ feet lower than my best at Wabash (6’ 8”).

To redeem my self-respect I joined a gym, worked out frequently, changed my eating habits, and began competing in Masters track meets year-round.

By the time I retired at age 66, I felt better than I had in the previous 20-plus years.

Just as we needed to train to attain our athletic goals at Wabash, we now need to stay “in training” to achieve an even more important goal: living a high-quality life during our most vulnerable period, which we reluctantly call aging.

Masters athletic programs are now quite popular. Last year we
had our first 100-year-old high jumper!

Ridgefield, CT


Photos by Kim Johnson