Like many of his colleagues, Art Professor Doug Calisch arrived at Wabash with the intention of staying for a few years and moving on to a more well-known school.

“A number of us confided in each other that this was just going to be place to get our feet wet,” Calisch tells Richard Paige. “But it doesn’t take long for Wabash to getting into your core, and frankly, a year or two in I never had that thought again.”

Calisch celebrates 35 years of teaching and making art at Wabash in 35 Retro: 1980-2015, an exhibit opening September 18. During those three-plus decades, in addition to shaping young artists producing some of the most original art you’ll ever see, Calisch led students on photo immersion trips out West, taught tutorials on Fathers and Sons, created commissioned works in the U.S. and Japan, andcollaborated with cancer patients at Ball Memorial Hospital to tell their stories through art.

He reflects on art and the craft of teaching in this Wabash On My Mind podcast.