The “Sound” of Music

Celebrating the College’s first Concert of Electronic Music this week, Associate Professor of Music Peter Hulen talked with Richard Paige about the creative process and the rise of the new genre at Wabash.

“Like clockwork, students in electronic music classes every year ask, ‘Is there any way I can major or minor in this?’” Hulen says. “Several years ago I decided to do something about that.”

The upcoming concert features student, faculty, contemporary, and historical soundscapes, including pieces by Luke Walker ’16, the College’s first electronic music minor.

In this podcast, Hulen walks us through samples of soundscapes by Walker and Ian Callecod ’17, emphasizing the power of electronic music to focus listeners on sound alone.

“One of things I encourage students to consider is defining music as sound, and not all the other things we normally associate with it, written notes, or mp3s, or what’s on your phone.”

Listen to this week’s Wabash On My Mind for a musical adventure in the dawn of a new era of music at Wabash.