Associate Professor of English Eric Freeze’s book of essays, Hemingway on a Bike, has been published by the University of Nebraska Press.

Here’s the write-up from the publisher’s page:
A collage-like mash-up of personal anecdote, popular culture, masculinity, sports, and parenting, Hemingway on a Bike takes readers through the many and varied twists and turns of the life and mind of its author, Eric Freeze. Delving into obsessions and experiences, Freeze’s essays display a keen intelligence with insights on topics as diverse as Mormonism and foosball, Angry Birds and professional wrestling, superheroes and freebirthing, Ernest Hemingway and Star Trek.

“Carnecopia” mashes experiences fishing and snorkeling with an exhibit at Monaco’s oceanographic museum to comment on how human beings unwittingly enact harm on their environment. “Bolt” explores the author’s fascination with sprinting and shares moments in France and the Midwest, where the words “to bolt” sometimes have unforeseen consequences. “Supergirl” plays on the childhood fascination with superheroes juxtaposed with adulthood manifestations of gendered expectations.

By turns playful, poignant, celebratory, and searching, Hemingway on a Bike meanders through ruminations on a number of subjects, and these reflections combine to dissect identity, belonging, and migration in an age when borders and boundaries, whatever the type, are continually transgressed and traversed.

And some great reviews by some great writers, including:

“Bodybuilding Jesuses, glorious thorough moving explorations of the word ‘bolt,’ the search for the finest foosball table in the world, beardlessness, wrestling, the many glories of Canada, towns filled with Vulcans, superheroes, house-lust, love, pain—a wry and piercing collection of adventures and misadventures from a terrific essayist. A book both tart and gentle, which I savored from the first line to the last.”—Brian Doyle, author of Mink River and Leaping

“A wonderful book of essays, wry and wise, in which Eric Freeze considers what it is to be a twenty-first-century literary man’s man in all his house-remodeling, sweet-parenting, foosball-playing glory.”—Jess Walter, author of Beautiful Ruins and The Financial Lives of the Poets

Wabash Magazine readers will recognize one of the essays—”Bolt”—which was reprinted in the magazine. Freeze is also the author of Dominant Traits, a book of short stories published by Oberon Press.

Find out more about Hemingway on a Bike at the University of Nebraska Press.