“The U.S. State Department has warned American citizens not to travel to South Sudan—so what the hell is a guy from Flora, Indiana doing there?” I asked Sterling Carter ’07 during his recent visit to campus to discuss his work as an international protection officer in “the world’s most fragile state.”

You can hear his answer and much more in the latest podcast on Wabash on My Mind.

Sterling has worked with the Peace Corps in Niger, Global Witness and Human Rights Watch in England, and Search for Common Ground in Nigeria. He’s also an accomplished journalist, with articles in Trebuchet Magazine and Guardian UK online. He has also written about much of this for Wabash Magazine, most recently in “The Stories that Come Out After Dark” and “A Language Beyond Words.

But his current assignment seems a most challenging culmination of all that work. He took a month’s break from it to visit family and friends and returned to South Sudan last week.