Home runs and Homer—it may have seemed an unlikely combination, but fans of baseball and Greek turned out in droves for Wabash’s first ever Suovetaurilia, a tasty re-enactment of an ancient Greco-Roman ritual. Students and professors from five Classics courses produced the event.

“You’ll learn about Greco-Roman religion through all of your senses,” Professor of Classics Jeremy Hartnett ’96 promised in his invitation. “You’ll hear Greek prayers and watch a re-enactment of a traditional sacrifice. Then taste the grilled pork, lamb, and beef, as well as a number of other dishes cooked by Wabash students from ancient Greek and Roman recipes.”

And taste they did: nearly 250 guests enjoyed the feast just before pitcher JT Miller ’14 and the Little Giants beat the Battling Bishops of Ohio Wesleyan 5-0 in the second game of the doubleheader!