What Does Freshman Photographer do for an Encore?

Colin Thompson’s photo of Little Giant goalie freshman Dayton Jennings

Howard W. Hewitt – Alex Moseman ’11, who now works in admissions, was a pretty good photographer during his time as a student and Bachelor photo editor.

Late this summer Alex called me to report he met an incoming freshman who appeared to be a pretty good photographer. He told the young man to stop and visit me and get hooked up with the Bachelor and the Communications Office.

Thompson ’17

Colin Thompson 17, Indianapolis, followed Moseman’s suggestion and stopped in during freshman orientation. He was a polite and pleasant young man who clearly knew a bit about photography.

But wow!

Colin’s very first photo for the Bachelor is one of the best soccer shots I’ve seen here in nine years. Certainly better than any I’ve ever taken.

People who’ve never worked in education often ask about the routine of school year – summer – school year – repeat! That redundancy is part of working at a College but its the students who make it so special. Each year 250 or more show up with skills, talents, and personalities which change the place each fall.

I’m excited as Bachelor Advisor of course, but more excited to see what’s to come from young Mr. Thompson!