Stowers ’14 Inspires Wabash on 9-11

The Wabash College Mall and Chapel – 9-11-13

The Mall flag, moments after Stowers had lowered it as he did a year ago.

Howard W. Hewitt – We have told the story of senior Josh Stowers, commuter, husband, father, and Wabash Man, on several occasions. He is a citizen-soldier who did three tours of duty in Iraq before enrolling at Wabash.

Stowers ’14

Last year he was on the mall for the 9-11 memorial program and emotionally shared his feelings on the difficult day.

This morning, 9-11,13, I walked to the mall to shoot the student memorial of American flags spelling out 9-11. As I turned to return to my end of campus, here comes Josh Stowers.

After a pleasant hello and how you doing, Josh said “they never think to lower the flag on this day.”

I looked down the mall to see the flag was lowered, looked at Josh and asked if he had lowered it. Indeed, he had – for the second year in a row.

If you haven’t read his story by now click on the links embedded in this post. He is one inspiring Wabash man.