Center Hall Getting Major Landscape Facelift

The maple tree in the center of this group will remain. The other two will be removed.

Howard W. Hewitt – Workers began extensive landscape work around Center Hall this morning. Director of Campus Services David Morgan said his staff had noticed several problems with trees and shrubs around Center Hall. That evolved into a plan to open up Center Hall so it was more attractive from the College Mall.

All of the shrubs up along the building will be removed exposing the foundation.

The building was built in 1857 and houses the College Administration offices along with the departments of Religion, English, and Philosophy.

All of the shrubs which have framed the corners around Center Hall are being removed.

Three spruce trees will be planted at each corner of the building, Morgan said, to frame the historic structure.

Shrubs have already been removed from the side of the building facing Grant. St.

Morgan said the side of the building above will have hosta plants and other greenery similar to what’s in front of the Caleb Mills House.

These two urns are largely obscured from view. They will be relocated.

The urns will be cleaned up and painted black. They will go to the other side of Center Hall to frame the doorway.

The building is taking on a more prominent look after the first row of hedges was removed.

Morgan expects the project to take three weeks to complete.

  1. I think it is looking great. That area I think has needed a change for a long time.

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