The very successful careers of Wabash men are well documented. The College is known for its graduates who become doctors, lawyers, and business leaders.

Ingram '10 talks about his work for Abercrombie & Fitch.

But a liberal arts education can take a graduate anywhere. The story of Alex Ingram ’10 is a perfect example. Alex is an International Recruiting Analyst for Abercrombie & Fitch. Ingram was on campus Feb. 8 to recruit students interested in a career. The business side offer far more than the stereotype.

Ingram started to work in an Indianapolis Abercrombie retail store while at Wabash. The company had a casting call for models and he applied. He worked doing runway shows and other assignments through his time at Wabash.

Six months ago he left law school in Chicago to move to the company’s headquarters in Columbus, Oh. He does analysis of the company’s recruiting practices and goes out on the road as a recruiter as well.

Ingram never had an upper level statistics class at Wabash and never imagined doing the kind of analysis that’s now a part of his daily routine. “But Wabash taught me how to tackle problems and how to see the bigger picture,” he said. “A liberal arts education is perfect for a position like mine.”