Kenny Farris ’12 – The turf installation is just about complete for the new Wabash College soccer pitch.

“Our goal is to be done with laying down the turf by next Wednesday,” FieldTurf senior installer Bob Horchar said. Horchar plans on leading a walkthrough the next day.

View an album of project pictures here.

Workers organized rubber pellet bags and trucks of sand as each material arrived Wednesday and Thursday. Workers continuing construction on the west sideline walls and stands have to lay stone before turf in that area can be installed safely. Once the west sideline turf and red Wabash letters have been added, workers will add the proper amounts of rubber and sand to complete the installation.

Sunny weather allowed for sizable progress on the south stand area, as the restrooms have begun to take shape. Prep work for laying concrete for the scoreboard has also begun.

The IM field construction continues as workers began to lay the irrigation system for the new fields. Laying the pipes for the irrigation system marks an important step before laying new sod.