Howard W. Hewitt – There are many great staff people at Wabash College who are great to work with and go out of their way to do good things for the school.

It’s a little extra special when some take initative beyond that and do even more. Adam Bowen joined Wabash as our Media Services Specialist about one year ago. Adam has been one of those "above and beyond" kind of guys since his arrival.

Just a couple weeks ago he said he wanted to show me something. He was working on a video showing off the greenhouse in Hays Hall. He just thought we needed one because there was no representation on the website and he’d seen similar videos on other college sites.

That is why Wabash College can be such a great place to work.

Here is Adam’s introduction to the vid, and you can watch it at the bottom of this post. It’s also permanently anchored on the Biology page.

Adam Bowen – The Wabash College greenhouse, which is located in Hays Hall, is a not-so-hidden treasure on the Wabash campus. The greenhouse stands out, especially in the cold and dark winter months, as a source of inspiration for students and a reminder that spring is never too far away. 

Many Wabash students appreciate the greenhouse, but there is not a student on campus that appreciates the beauty and serenity of the greenhouse more than sophomore and greenhouse caretaker Kristijonas Paltanavicius. Please join Kristijonas as he discusses his position and his admiration for the greenhouse.