Taking Fall Photos Never Gets Old

Howard W. Hewitt – One of the great things working on a college campus is how the place re-invents itself every year. Seniors graduate and 18-year-old freshmen arrive on campus.

But there is a routine to many of the events. Tuesday night is Moot Court. I’ve covered Moot Court for the College website every year since I arrived. It is a really great event. I’ll cover it again tomorrow night. But some of the others do become a bit more routine.

Something that never gets old is the fall and winter practice of taking seasonal photos. Most of us in Public Affairs enjoy photography as much as any part of our jobs. The leaves are going to be gone before long so I left the office after lunch with camera in hand and shot a photo album and a half of fall photos! Enjoy!

Photo Album No. 1 and No. 2.

By the way, the photo here is the view from outside my office window. Not a bad place to work for lots of reasons – not the least of which is the view this week!

  1. Nice photos!

  2. Howard, thanks for posting these pictures. Jake has told us that he particularly likes to walk through the arboretum on his way to classes but he thinks that Campus Services rakes them up too quickly!

  3. Beautiful. Thank you. I always loved walking from the Delt house to my classes along Freedman Place.

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