Howard W. Hewitt – Here in the rolling hills of southwest Indiana, an area of strong German heritage and lingering cultural traditions, there is a field of dreams. It was a field of dreams for movie makers who re-created an old-time ballpark for the 1992 movie A League of Their own.

The dream continues for college-age baseball players participating in a summer Prospect League in the small town of Huntingburg, just south of Jasper. It also has become a field of dreams for photographer Alex Moseman ’11.
The Bloomington, Indiana, native was looking for a summer internship and learned at Wabash’s Career Center the Dubois County Bombers needed a photographer. Alex was uniquely qualified for the summer spot after spending the 2008 summer in the Present Indiana Program doing a photo project.
He credits the experience of shooting all last summer with sparking his interest in photography. He specifically cites a day he spent with Indianapolis Star photographer Matt Dietrich, as part of the PIP project, learning how to work a photo shoot.
See photos from the Friday night visit here.
Alex joined the staff of The Bachelor and will be Photo Editor this fall. He admitted during an interview prior to Friday night’s game the two summers have him thinking about photography in a more serious way. He came to Wabash thinking about a career in law. Now, he’s not so sure.
Moseman stays with a host family in Huntingburg for the summer, the same as the players who may not accept a stipend because they are all NCAA athletes. He photographs each game but does dozens of other tasks including designing the program cover for each game, helping out in the front office, and some nights even shutting down the stadium. Here is a link to Alex’s website where you can see his photography.
The Prospect League gives college baseball players the chance to work on their game against a good level of competition. Teams in the league include Danville, DuPage, Hannibal, Quincy, Springfield, Butler, Chillicothe, Richmond, and Slippery Rock.
The Dubois County team’s roster includes college players from Indiana State, Creighton, SE Missouri State, Middle Tennessee State, Bellermine, Utah, Wright State, Indiana, Butler, and many others.
The Bombers were hosting the Hannibal Cavemen Friday night to the usual crowd of about 350. The old League Stadium was renovated for the 1992 movie. It now hosts Southridge High School’s home games along with the summer Bomber’s schedule of 28 home games from the first of June through early August.
Many of the movie makers touches remain with most of the signage noting it’s the home field for the Rockford Peaches. The 1992 movie starred Tom Hanks, Madonna, Geena Davis, and was directed by Penny Marshall.
We’ll have a complete profile on Alex and his unique summer internship near the start of the school year.