Rich Blastic ’82 found himself in an interesting position at the start of the year. As a new member of the school board for the Calvary Christian School in Highland, Indiana, he realized the school would need some assistance in fund raising. Already located in region of Indiana that has seen layoffs, closings, and tough economic times, Blastic turned to familiar territory — sports.

Blastic got together with two former teammates who have kept their hands in the professional sports world. One of his best friends, Dr. Chris Carr ’82, came up with the idea of hosting a sports clinic at the school. Carr was headed to lunch with another former teammate the very day he and Blastic discussed the idea. That teammate was Pete Metzelaars ’82. Carr’s experience as a sports psychologist working with various groups from the US Olympic Ski Team and the Kansas City Royals and Oklahoma City Thunder to Ohio State and other college and professional athletes would be joined by Metzelaars’ knowledge and time spent as a 16-year NFL veteran player and current NFL coach in Indianapolis.

Metzelaars jumped on board from the moment he heard about the plan for a sports clinic.

"The hardest part was finding a date that would work for everyone," Metzelaars said. His duties as the offensive quality control and assistant offensive line coach for the Indianapolis Colts have increased since the shakeup in the coaching staff with Tom Moore and Howard Mudd. Carr, "One we got the date set, I’ve just been looking forward to helping Rich with the school. They are in a tough situation with the economy the way it is, and I just wanted to help."

Blastic and the rest of the group set aside time on May 30 to conduct the sports clinic.

"Chris is going to speak to the kids, coaches, and parents in attendance about the mental training and psychological strength and skills that go into athletics. We’ll follow that up with Pete sharing his experience as a player. With so many negatives out there in sports, it will be nice to present a positive view of athletics."

If the early word is any indication of how the event will be received, the school should see a major boost in its support.

"The community businesses have really embraced this event," Blastic said. "With two quality gentlemen like Chris and Pete willing to help, it was nice to be able to call the business in the area and hear the owners say they would be happy to be involved. 

"We’ve been able to have businesses provide 10 free tickets to the event for over 20 schools in the area. That means 200 young athletes who might not have had the opportunity to attend based on their home finances. And the money for those tickets goes to Calvary Christian School."

With event on the horizon, Metzelaars was excited for the opportunity to assist.

"The main goal is to help the school," the former Wabash tight end said. "We get an opportunity to use sports and athletics to help kids. We’ll be giving some thoughts, tips, and pointers on a lot of athletic fronts, but we’ll also be providing life lessons and sharing ways to be successful in whatever area these young people choose."

Photo – Pete Metzelaars working during the Indianapolis Colts’ training camp. Metzelaars will join former Wabash teammates Rich Blastic and Chris Carr at a sports clinic Saturday, May 30 at 4 p.m. to benefit the Calvary Christian School in Highland, Indiana. Photo courtesy of the Indianapolis Star.