Teaching and Learning Outside the Classroom

Kim Johnson – I was at the Boys and Girls Club one evening last week to watch my neighbors’ four-year-olds play soccer. I took my camera – it’s pretty much become my right hand – and consider it my privilege to be able to photograph the kids and then pass the pictures on to mom and dad.

I arrived about halfway through the “practice” session. The kids practice for thirty minutes followed by a thirty minute “game.” I immediately recognized the coach because I had just seen him last weekend in “A Flea in Her Ear.” The young man was Christian Krenk ’10.

It’s not every day I see a young man interacting with kids the way Christian was. With five four-year-olds running amuck, picking at each other, two going in one direction with the ball, two more the other, and one standing in the middle of the field taking off his clothes, Christian was patiently rounding up his troops and doing his best to teach them a few fundamentals of soccer.

It was obvious Christian loves soccer and thoroughly enjoyed being around the budding players. And it was even more obvious the kids loved him being there. They were hanging on is every word (sometimes literally hanging on him) and despite the fact the other team scored every time down the mini-field, he had them cheering each time they came back to the huddle so he could “draw up another play in the sand.”

I’m sure Christian is learning just as much as the kids through this experience but in a world in desperate need of positive male role models, it was nice to see this Wabash man stepping up to the plate!

  1. Awesome post. Maybe he’ll become a teacher or a coach or something like that one day. If not, we’re lucky to have this guy in our ranks.

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