Howard Hewitt – Steve Hoffman ’85 brought his story as a Wabash student and graduate to Thursday’s Chapel Talk. He brought along his experiences, stories, and humor to talk about the Wabash experience. Hear the full talk by clicking here for the Podcast.

Hoffman was a football and baseball player during his college days relating many anecdotes that the athletes and others in Chapel could easily enjoy. 

“Wabash is about people and personal relationships,” he said. It’s about pride and relationships and it has been for 175 years.” 

He had fun with his double-play partner of the 80s, Mike Raters ’85 – Assistant Dean of Students. 

Hoffman talked about his job in fundraising, and noted many people tell him they could not do what he does. “I call on alums and just talk about Wabash College,” he explained. “I’m helping them do what they want to do any way.” 

He recalled many special moments and stories he lived as a student, he’s heard as an employee, and that have been passed on by alumni. The jovial tone was punctuated with gentle nudges to ‘keep it up,” “way to go,” and plenty of self-deprecating humor.