Howard W. Hewitt – Professor of Economics Bert Barreto shared childhood stories of fleeing Cuba and growing up in Miami to make a point in Thursday’s Chapel.

Barreto weaved other stories into a tale of how he stayed home from school and played sick just to see a World Series game on television. It was that fifth game of the 1968 World Series between St. Louis and Detroit when entertainer Jose Feliciano cause a national controversy with his version of the National Anthem. Hear Barreto’s entire speech in a podcast by clicking here.

Barreto played that version and another as part of this speech which was titled, “The Star Spangled Banner.”

He surprised the students at the end by announcing he was leaving Wabash College for another teaching position. He noted that his replacement might not question Wabash traditions the way he has done in his long tenure, but warned that might not be a good thing. To the contrary, he suggested a difference of opinion and someone who thinks differently is a strength.