Kim Johnson – As I was clearing off my desk and getting things squared away before the holidays, I had some time to reflect about my first three months at Wabash. Even though I have not had a whole lot of interaction with students thus far, those interactions I have had have been particularly meaningful in shaping my view of Wabash men.

I have been working on updating a set of flyers for the Admissions Office that highlights each academic department including a junior or senior major from the department. I have been impressed with how articulate these young men are. Not that it surprised me, I guess, but nonetheless I thought sharing what these students had to say about their experiences at Wabash would be a great way to wrap up the semester and head in to the holidays on a high note!

Will Arvin ’08 – “I never knew that I could work this hard in academics and get such a great pay-off. I have never worked so hard in my life and I have never enjoyed working so hard in my life. I tell people looking at the program here, ‘If you are looking for an easy way to do it, then don’t come here.’ It is definitely worth it though. If I had to go back and choose again, there is no way I’d go anywhere else.”

Jay Brouwer ’09 – “I didn’t come to Wabash with the intention of being a music major, but when I thought about what I really enjoy I decided I probably won’t get a chance like this after I graduate. I’m still getting my pre-dental requirements met with my minors, but I’m also learning the theory and history of music. Music really encompasses all subjects — from mathematics and science to history and literature.”

John Chuang ‘08 – “Studying history makes me think a lot more about where I am in the world and the roots of how society came to be where it is today. It really centers me in a spot where I can fit into history. I see and understand the bigger picture. I am thinking more critically on today’s issues.”

Andy Deig ’08 – “The economics faculty here are brilliant. I think the work they have recently published is really going to be changing the way undergraduate economics is taught.”

“As I was researching colleges, what was really appealing to me about the program at Wabash was that I would not be getting a degree in finance or a degree in accounting but as an economics major I know finance and accounting. I know all of those special niches where many other people get a degree in one alone. I am learning those things without lending myself to one or the other. The skills that come along with being liberally educated in economics will be valuable in business and has made me competitive in the job market.”

Chris Geggie ‘08 – “I had the opportunity to study at the ICCS in Rome. After studying there I would argue I have received a better education at Wabash College than most of the other students including those from the Ivy League. The quality of the educational opportunities they had received was similar to mine, but at Wabash I have had the opportunity to work one-on-one alongside the faculty. They understand my individual interests, goals and needs, as well as those of all their students, allowing them to tailor our studies so we can better ourselves personally and professionally.”

Dan Gillespie ‘08 – Art Major “My relationship with the faculty is really good. It’s nice because we are so close. They make themselves very available to talk to — to bounce my ideas off. My relationships with them are the most personal I have ever had with teachers.”

Andy Leshovsky ’09 – “Wabash can get you wherever you want to go. I think in today’s world, whether it be employers or graduate schools, they are really looking for a well-rounded college graduate. Wabash definitely provides that. You get a breadth of experience during your time here majoring in whatever you want and you can still go on to do any other thing.”

Alex Nolan ’08 – “I spent the summers after my freshman and sophomore years doing research on campus with one of my professors. Most students don’t have that opportunity until graduate school or maybe as upperclassmen and even then only if they have good lab skills. I did not have good lab skills but because of that opportunity was able to develop good skills.”

Lincoln Smith ’08 – “The education at Wabash is tailored to what you want to do. It’s not prescribed—like if you want to do ‘this’ you come to Wabash. You come here to figure out what you want to do and the faculty and staff help you get there. The teaching is excellent and the mentoring that you get on research is phenomenal.”

Aaron Spolarich ‘08 – “The faculty in the English Department have pushed me to not just be content with achieving a high level of language and literature comprehension and analysis, but to excel at it. I feel I am well prepared as I look ahead to Law School. The critical thinking and interpretation skills I have developed will serve me well.”

I’m sure this isn’t the last we’ll hear from these men. They are all heading on to do great things.