Athletics History Every Wabash Man Should Know

Howard W. Hewitt – The history of Wabash College athletics stretches back to the 1860s. The College’s athletic history has been documented largely due to the writings of Max Services ’58 during his years as Wabash College’s wrestling coach and athletic director.

Director of Public Affairs and former Sports Information Director Jim Amidon ’87 was the lastest in a series of Chapel Talk speakers Thursday to celebrate the College’s 175th year. Listen to Podcast of Amidon’s Chapel Talk here.

Servies had kept records, documents, and his own writing for years and approached Amidon in the early 90s to be an editor of the vast amount of material. Servies was putting together a Wabash history ”Some Little Giants.”

Amidon struggled with the volume of material and with changing the author’s words. “I wasn’t editing the book I was editing history,” he told the students, faculty, and staff in the Chapel.

He went on to describe his efforts in the 90s and again recently in putting the history together. He now hopes to create a website that can be updated so all-time records will truly reflect “all-time.”

Amidon admitted the background to the College’s sports history wasn’t the title of his speech, but “I really wanted you to know the history behind the history.”

He went on to share some of the great Wabash stories and athletic traditions which are an integral part of the College’s history.

Amidon’s conclusion noted that history is being written now as the College’s athletes set new records and record new achievements. 

  1. Anthony Hart '87

    Jim… WOW!
    Having talked to you at the Wittenberg game…might I just say, this was really cool. I enjoyed listening to every bit of it. I hope your audience had the same reaction. You are “some Little Giant” yourself. I have shared the site link with several people now. Once I figure out how to make my home computer on dialup save it…I plan to keep it on CD.

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