Journalists James, McAlister Do Us Proud During Bash

Howard W. Hewitt – One of the great things that happens week in and out at Wabash College is the chance to interact with our students. Even on a weekend like our fourth Big Bash, our students usually impress. 

The Bash is a very big weekend for Public Affairs. We try to cover as many events as possible, talk to as many alums as we can, and get to the different events and colloquiums. 

I suggested bringing in a couple of our young journalists from the Class of 2010 for this year’s Bash and boss Jim Amidon agreed. Gary James and Patrick McAlister joined our public affairs team for the weekend. 

The old editor, and current Bachelor advisor, in me thought it would be a great exercise to test these two talented, young journalists. They knew they were going to be asked to contact, interview, and write profiles of graduated Wabash men. 

So we worked up a list of possible alumni profiles in our office and then I gave Gary and Patrick five each to profile. Now, I really didn’t think they’d get all five done. That’s a pretty tall order for two days to contact, work out a time to meet, and write a short profile story. 

Certainly they wouldn’t be able to reach one of the guys, or someone would not show up.

By now you’ve guessed that both rising sophomores completed all five profiles. I had the fifth before noon today (Monday). Amazing!

I saw this as a chance to push two of the better freshmen we’ve had in awhile and see what they could do with a pretty tough assignment.

But even more impressive than their accomplishment was their interaction with the alums. I shot photographs for several of the profiles and I was impressed with how Pat and Gary listened and engaged the graduated Wabash men in more than an interview but a conversation.

I was also witness to a couple of occasions where the alum was offering up a business card and encouraging the guys to contact them for any additional information, career help, or advice they could offer.

Working with the Bachelor is a challenge. The joy I get from it is the fun of working with college students. It was not only a lot of fun Big Bash weekend, but these two guys made themselves and one old editor very proud.

You’ll be able to read Gary and Patrick’s work under our alumni profiles section in the coming weeks.

In photos: Upper left, Gary James. Lower right, Patrick McAlister.