Present Indiana is Unique Learning Opportunity

Howard W. Hewitt – The Lilly-funded Present Indiana Program is one of the most unique learning opportunities on campus.

PIP funds summer internships for students to study cultural or historical aspects of Indiana. The full-time internships last eight weeks. Director of International Students and Foreign Studies Dave Clapp runs the program. I have assisted all three years.

Each student picks a topic, does research, travels, and prepares a presentation they will be asked to give 4-5 times in the fall and coming school year.

You can meet this year’s students and learn about their projects by clicking here.

Last year we planned for days for community service and ended up helping rebuild Bridgeton’s historic covered bridge. John Meara ’07 had family ties to Parke County’s bridges and did a great DVD on the bridges’ importance.

The small trips have been such an great addition we planned a couple similar ones for this year. Most of our Wabash students had not been to the Lew Wallace Study right here in Crawfordsville. So on May 24 we had lunch downtown and visited the Crawfordsville landmark. (See a photo album from the Lew Wallace visit here.)

We have a really exciting trip planned for June 7. We’re taking the young men to French Lick where they will tour the historic French Lick Springs Hotel and the recently-restored and very-recently opened West Baden Hotel.

Keep track of the summer program on the Present Indiana blog.

I know Dave would agree it’s great fun to help mentor these young men and assist them in completing their projects. While faculty have students in the classroom daily, this is one of several great Wabash programs that allows staff to work with our students as well.