A long time Wabash watering hole is gone! Send us your brief memory or story and we’ll add it to this blog! E-mail to: hewitth@wabash.edu We shot new photos just before noon today. See that photo album here.

Mark Dill, 75 – I suggest today become a local day of mourning for all Wabash alums! In the early 70’s there were a couple of bars we frequented, but Tommy’s always seemed to be everyone’s favorite. It could have been because of the service we received. Tommy was always accommodating to the Wabash crowd and I heard he had actually attended Wabash for a period of time, must have been in the 20’s or 30’s. He had a waiter named Mace. The story was that Mace suffered from shellshock in WW 1 but he could always deliver a tray full of frosty mugs of beer to your table and never spill a drop! After comps Tommy was THE place to go celebrate. My dad told me he had frequented Tommy’s back in the early 40’s when there used to be a dance hall at the back end of the building. Crawfordsville has lost a true jewel today.

Mike Thibault ’94 – When I was a Freshman, some Seniors called back to the house and asked for me and my brothers to come pick them up at Tommy’s. We drove all around downtown looking for Tommy’s, but could not find it. We finally had to ask one of the fine citizens of Crawfordsville where this place was. He smiled and said, "Right behind you". We looked back and saw the sign "Reggie and Rick’s Silver Dollar". I asked if he was certain that was the right place. He became a still as a stone, then breathed deeply so as to prevent his anger from boiling up. He then said to me, "Son, this place has ALWAYS been Tommy’s."

Eric Rowland ’86 – It seems that Tommies and the Crawfordsville Fire Department have an inseparable link in my mind.  My first experience there was during the spring semester of my sophomore year.  I was invited to Tommies to celebrate my election to the post of house manager of Beta Theta Pi.  Several of us enjoyed a few pitchers of TWR, plotted the future of the house and solved the world’s problems.  We made our way back home to find Wabash Avenue closed by fire engines, smoke billowing out of the windows of the Beta house and all of the brothers out in the front yard.  I quickly sobered myself up to address my first house manager crisis.  It turned out that the Sigs had stuck smoke bombs in the stairwells and there was no fire, but I’m sure my sober authority put the fire department at ease.

Long live Tommies!

Chris Cotton ’91 – Is it ok to fondly recall celebrating a 19th birthday in Tommy’s with Billy the Bartender? Much like bahhdges – we didn’t need no stinking IDs back then!

John Lustina ’91 – I’m sure all statutes have passed to where you shouldn’t be in any legal jeopardy.