Steve Charles—So this pug wearing a dress walks onto campus with a Scotty wearing a rented tux.

"What’s the news hook?" my colleague Howard Hewitt asks, uncharacteristically skeptical.

"Howard, the dog is wearing a dress," I say.


"I took a picture of them in front of the chapel."


"And…the pug made the dress himself."

"How does this advance the mission of Wabash College?" my boss Jim Amidon asks.

"Are you blind, Jim?" I say, barely able to restrain my frustration. "That Scotty is a screaming metaphor for the Gentleman’s Rule."


But Jim and Howard are in meetings right now, so here you go—just in time for Homecoming Weekend—Animals in Clothing. (Not to be confused with tomorrow’s Queen Contest).

(Willy Wabash courtesy of Mark Flexter ’79 and Angie McGlothlin, Angie McGlothlin, costumer/Barkley the Scotty courtesy of Guyanna and Jack Spurway ’69. Action figures sold separately.)