Brent Harris – Sunday afternoon in Salter Hall senior George Colakovic†presented his senior piano recital, complete with four friends from his hometown of Munster, Indiana to complete a jazz quintet. The five-piece band had the Hall swinging with Take Five, Moment’s Notice, and Well You Needn’t. George softened the mood with the sad and seductive I Remember Clifford.

One of the top moments of the recital came when Colakovic sang and performed an original tune, The Way I Feel. While he described it as more of a pop tune than jazz, the blues and jazz influence that permeated the rest of the selections could certainly be found in this song, as well.

What completed the event were some of people in the audience. You see, George played basketball for the Little Giants for one season before heading to New York as a junior for a semester. When he returned, he decided to concentrate on music and give up varsity hoops. But you could find him three rows behind the Wabash bench at nearly every home game, cheering on his former teammates. Sunday, those teammates were in the audience returning the favor, cheering every song the same way George applauded every time they scored a basket.

Now if George remembers the noon basketball games against me when he becomes a top-selling jazz pianist in a few years, maybe I can find a way to the front row of his first sold-out concert!

Photos – Colakovic at the piano.

(bottom right) Colakovic with jazz piano master Phil DeGreg.