Howard W. Hewitt – Gregg Popovich, coach of the 3-time NBA champion San Antonio, nearly became a Little Giant in 1966. Popovich graduated from Merrillville High School but was not heavily recruited. He ended up playing basketball at the Air Force Academy.

He was featured in the Feb. 24 edition of the Indianapolis Star‘s Five Questions feature.

The first question was if he was recruited by any Indiana colleges:

"The only college I visited was Wabash. I actually pledged a fraternity on my visit there. I loved it down there. Nobody had recruited me; I was just going to go there and major in pre-med and try to play basketball."

He went on to explain the Academy had recruited friends of his to play football and then he looked into the Air Force.

He had a so-so career as a player but got his first head coaching job at Division III Pomona-Pitzer in 1979.

His Spurs have won three world championships since Popovich became coach in 1995.