Final Report, The Next Montgomery County, Spring 2015

On February 28th and March 3rd, community members gathered for The Next Montgomery County Community Conversations on Quality of Place.  Both conversations focused on what types of improvements do we want to see in our community and how can we get there.  To facilitate the conversation, we created a conversation guide that helped participants identify strengths of the community and areas for improvement or growth.  Then, we worked as a group to prioritize the areas for growth, discussing feasibility and solutions in greater detail.

Wabash Democracy and Public Discourse gathered information from these conversations, analyzed the information, and created a comprehensive public report. The report can be accessed here. This report was presented on April 30 in a public presentation at the Will and Ginny Hays Center for Leadership and Community Development. The report was sent to Crawfordsville and Montgomery County officials.

This community conversation was sponsored by a grant from the Indiana Humanities.

Community Conversation on Substance Abuse, 2013

A Community Conversation on Substance Abuse in Montgomery County, November 2013

The first event was held on November 6, 2013 at the 4-H Building on the Montogmery County fairgrounds in partnership with the Montgomery County Prescription Drug Task Force, Montgomery County Probation Office, and the Youth Service Bureau. Sitting at tables of 8-10 people, more than 100 attendees talked about the substance abuse issue facing our community as well as three approaches to lessen it.

Participants’ conversations were guided by a short video, a four-page framing guide (Substance_F13_DiscussionGuide) we created based on researching the topic, and trained facilitators and notetakers at each table. After the conversation, the organizers produced a fulsome report that highlighted key themes from the conversation.

Please click the link below to view the report on the Community Conversation on Substance Abuse in Montgomery County, written by Sara A. Mehltretter Drury and Jennifer Y. Abbott.


More information about this event and follow-up events is available here.