Dan Azar '18
Dan Azar ’18

Daniel Azar ’18 spent Spring Break 2018 with the Wabash College Glee Club in Boston. The group had sang at several large performing arts venues around the area while also battling the effects of the Nor’easter snow storm, which made for some fun snowball fights with Glee Club Director Reed Spencer. 


What was your favorite part of your immersion experience?

My favorite part of this immersion experience was having the opportunity to get to know my fellow Glee Club brothers. I also enjoyed singing and performing with other schools and learning how to improve our sound as a group through masterclasses.


What surprised you most about the experience?

I was surprised by how moved so many people were by our performances and how powerful an impact our music had on others outside of the Wabash community.


What has been your biggest takeaway?

This tour truly reminded me of why I am so lucky to be a part of the Glee Club and why it is so important to our College. Singing with others provides you with a community you cannot get anywhere else. You are able to connect with your brothers in song in such a profound way and that is something I will really miss when I graduate.


Dan Azar '18 conducts
Azar conducts the Glee Club in Boston.

Why are immersion learning experiences important?

Immersion learning helps students understand why the classroom isn’t the only place for learning. It gives students the opportunity to see the significance of their influence outside of the Wabash community. It connects us with people we never thought we’d be connected with and helps us hear their perspective on the enduring questions we seek to answer as Wabash men.