WRightJason Wright ’16 – Being in a big city like Chicago has offered me an interesting perspective on the concept of the urban element in school life and in everyday feelings and interactions. I believe that that is the greatest asset to this program; having the opportunity to see for ourselves how things are different and how things are the same between urban environments like Chicago and small town environments like Crawfordsville.

Probably the most noticeable difference is in the demographics. Chicago is a very diverse city, and it shows wherever you go, in or out of the schools. Traveling the different neighborhoods of Chicago gives one the sense of stepping into other cultures, and that just isn’t accessible in most places outside of the urban setting. So for some of us, this will be the only time, or one of only few times in which we get to experience that phenomenon.

The Urban element also brings a unique energy into the schools. Everything in the city is upbeat, and the classroom is no exception. Kids are full of energy and they always have something to say. Kenwood students are a very involved bunch, and they’re enthusiastic about contributing to class. What doesn’t change is that good teachers abound who invest themselves into their work and their students, and they are committed to getting down to good, hard work. I’ve learned that good teachers are equally able to develop a solid plan and to be adaptive.