Quinn '00 chats with Wabash art students in his studio.
Quinn ’00 chats with Wabash art students in his studio.

Pat Embree ’15 – “Wabash takes care of their own.” That phrase was repeated so many times during my recruiting stage at Wabash that I almost got sick of it. The phrase, however, was one of the biggest reasons of my decision on going to Wabash. It was also something I experienced first hand Tuesday. We met with both, Matt Delegat, a Wabash alumnus who has opened his own gallery called the Minus Space Gallery, and Wabash alumnus by the name of Nathaniel Mary Quinn ’00, who is a painter that attended Wabash and now has skyrocketed to fame in the art world. Both alumni have made names for themselves in the art world, and yet were able to take outside of their busy schedules to talk with current students. Why? Because Wabash men take care of their own, and they want nothing more than take time to talk to fellow Wabash men.

Wabash is a place that pushes you to your limits, and all of those who been through it or are going through it have a special bond, due to the special place that Wabash holds so many hearts. Both individuals talked to the immersion group about what it took to get to where they are, and both individuals encouraged us that with the tools that Wabash gives us, we can achieve whatever we set our minds to. Both of these alumni where motivational to the point that I wanted to hop back on a plane today and head back to work on my own work more, but I also can’t wait to see what else New York has in store for the reminder of the trip.

I can’t believe how many opportunities that Wabash has given me, and I am also extremely thankful for the opportunities that Wabash has given me.